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How we work for you

By shortening the chain, breaking up production in steps and work with the best possible partners the chain will be more benificial to you.

Every step of the way we will give you full  transparency!

Finaly you know what you pay for.

office for export work in flower bulbs

Bringing Producers and Markets together beyond borders.

What will GGPB do for you?

-Our basic principles are:

We bring you, as our customer, closer to the growers.

We work completely transparent.

Through open calculations you get all market information, and with that, complete insight into what you pay for and why.

We keep the distribution channel as short as possible, ensuring better control and traceability..

We break up the production process and select the most suitable partner for you for each step.

This means we have limited structure costs and therefore we work at very competitive rates.

We arrange your purchase directly at the source!